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Because people do not know how to accept love. And in a short while you want to close your ears and start saying, ‘Just do it, it is getting too heavy for me, I want to run away from it. The thing is that the person starts feeling suffocated even in love. This is because we have never ventured into our own depths. We never even realized who we are. We do not know that we are made of one such thing, whose name is love. When we are not connected with ourselves, then it is not so natural to associate with one another. And that’s why if someone wants to join you, then you become so restless. Because you feel that you have not been able to meet with yourself. That is why you do not understand how to accept love.

There is an old saying, “Do not put pearls in front of the pig.” You must first learn to show respect for love. And if the next person does not respect the love, do not try to tell him love. You should also have the skill to give love. The skill of giving love means to drown in love. Just don’t try. Love is not an act, it is your state of mind. You have to live in it unconditionally. See, I am here without any condition for you. Now it is up to you to come here and accept it. People can understand you better because of your inner strength. In the same way, you love someone very much to convince them that you cannot force them. To get this all done, you have to let go a little time. You know that by coercion in such a case, other problems may arise.

Often people experience love at first sight. Then as time passes, it diminishes and becomes contaminated and disappears, turning into hatred. When the same love tree is formed in which the fertilizer of knowledge has been planted, then it takes the form of ancient love and lives with birth after birth. It is our own consciousness. You are not limited by this present body, name, form, and relationships. You may not know your past and antiquity, but just know that you are ancient, it is also enough.



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